Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry

As mentioned in a previous post, Beef dishes from Kerala is a real treat for a beef lover. You'll find many variations of beef based curries, fries and roast. All the recipes may use similar spices and ingredients. Yet, it is interesting to note that each variation will have its own uniqueness. This is a … Continue reading Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry

Ayala Varuthathu (Indian Mackerel Fry) – A Kerala coastal delicacy

Kerala offers a wide variety of seafood delicacies. Fish is mostly prepared as curry or it is marinated with spices and then fried. There are wide varieties of fish recipes available across Kerala. Indian Mackerel, known as Ayala or Aiyla in Malayalam, is one of the most common fish available in the state, harvested from … Continue reading Ayala Varuthathu (Indian Mackerel Fry) – A Kerala coastal delicacy

Mutta Chikkiyathu (Spicy Scrambled Egg) – Simple Kerala Style

When it comes to quick and easy cooking, eggs make a good ingredient to experiment with. This is a simple method to make scrambled eggs in Kerala style. It won't take more than 10 minutes to prepare this dish. It goes well with rice, bread or roti. Continue reading...