Fish Molee / Molly / Moilee – Kerala Style Fish Stew

Fish Molee (sometimes spelled as Fish Molly or Fish Moilee) is a delicately flavored fish stew made using fried fish, coconut milk, and other spices. This dish marks the foreign influence (especially of the Portuguese) on the cuisine of Kerala. Any fish can be used to prepare this dish. But most commonly, Seer Fish, Pomfret, … Continue reading Fish Molee / Molly / Moilee – Kerala Style Fish Stew

Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry

As mentioned in a previous post, Beef dishes from Kerala is a real treat for a beef lover. You'll find many variations of beef based curries, fries and roast. All the recipes may use similar spices and ingredients. Yet, it is interesting to note that each variation will have its own uniqueness. This is a … Continue reading Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry

Kadachakka Mezhukkuperutti (Breadfruit Stir Fry)

'Kadachakka' or 'Sheema Chakka', also known as 'Breadfruit' in English, is commonly found in Kerala. This seasonal fruit is healthy as it is very rich in carbohydrate, dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins. In Kerala, people make stir fry, curry or even chips before the fruit has ripened, when it's mature and still firm. This stir … Continue reading Kadachakka Mezhukkuperutti (Breadfruit Stir Fry)